Pamlico Plantation’s private, 285-slip marina offers water and electrical hookups, restrooms with showers, as well as a pump out facility. All property owners are assigned a free slip. A boat ramp, storage yard, and dinghy and kayak racks are also available to property owners at no charge.

Located on Broad Creek, which flows into the Pamlico River, the Pamlico Plantation Marina provides easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Outer Banks. Come visit us by boat. We are located at 35° 29″ 20′ N, 76° 57″ 9′.

Below is an invitation from the Pamlico Plantation Yacht Club to stay at our marina. First, we would like to offer a brief description of the marina’s attributes as offered by one of our residents.

“If you back away, and ask yourself what is the one thing that makes us unique versus any other nice development, it is the suitability of our marina for deep draft sailboats. When I say deep draft, I really mean shoal draft on relatively large boats. . . in the range of 35 ft. +/- 7 ft. Our marina is really a good one. . . in fact, one of the best. And we are relatively well sheltered from the major storms. We have survived the hurricanes well with just limited damage since our open area is to the southwest. In the original literature, the developer described the marina as being suitable for 34 ft. boats, but as the marina was actually built, the latter half was built with longer slips. Boats of the range that I mentioned, in the shoal draft versions that are predominantly used in our coastal waters, typically need a draft between 4 and 5 ft. We have that with some inches to spare in most cases. The MLS listings have a place for deep water, which they show as 4ft +. For the large sailboats, there is a world of difference between 4 ft. and 5 ft. . . the smaller number is unusable for those boats, the larger number will work. Now, other developments may have nice marinas, but usually the slip, if available, has to be purchased separately. We are the only development wherein each and every lot or townhouse gets a slip as part of the deal for the house or lot. And typically, the marinas are minimal in construction and not really suitable for big, usually expensive, boats to face the storms that we know will come. Often, the available marina is at some distance from a full service boat yard for annual bottom painting or other maintenance. We have two such boat yards just across the creek and fuel (and golf) available from the Washington Yacht and Country Club. Our marina construction is among the best available.”
– Dennis Harris

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